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Liaison Statement: LS194 - Lambda switch capable equipment

Submission Date: 2010-06-22
From: ITU-T SG 15 (Greg Jones)
Response Contact:
Technical Contact:
Purpose: For information
Attachments: LS194 - Lambda switch capable equipment - pdf body
Q.6/15 would like to thank IETF’s CCAMP Working Group for their Liaison
Statement on Lambda Switch Capable Equipment, dated 27 May 2010,
contained in TD 145 (WP2).
Q.6/15 would like to inform CCAMP that it was agreed that no change
would be required to ITU-T Recommendation G.697 (with respect to the
parameter encoding contained in Appendix V) in response to CCAMP’s
decisions on the document “Generalized Labels for Lambda-Switching
Capable Label Switching Routers”.
Q.6/15 is looking forward to continuing the exchange of information
with CCAMP on the topics of the revision of ITU-T Recommendation G.680
and CCAMP’s activities.