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NomCom 2022

IETF NomCom 2022

Contact info

Voting members

  • Geoff Huston
  • Georgios Karagiannis
  • Kirsty Paine
  • Lixia Zhang
  • Luc Andre Burdet
  • Mark Nottingham
  • Quan Xiong
  • Ran Chen
  • Sarah Banks
  • Xuesong Geng

Non-voting members

  • Chair: Rich Salz
  • Past chair: Gabriel Montenegro
  • IAB Liaison: Cullen Jennings
  • IESG Liaison:Martin Duke
  • ISOC Board Liaison: Brian Haberman
  • IETF LLC Liaison: Jason Livingood
  • IETF Trust: Kathleen Moriarty


Note that the people listed here are not members of NomCom, and do not participate in any of its activites. It would be impossible for the committee to do its work without their help. They are listed here because they deserve to be recognized.

  • Tools: Robert Sparks
  • Secretariat: Amy Vezza, Jenny Bui, Glen Barney

Positions to be filled

  • IETF LLC (three-year term): one position
  • IETF Trust (three-year term): one position
  • IAB (two-year term): six positions
  • Appplications and Real Time AD: one position
  • IETF Chair (General) AD: one position
  • Internet AD: one position
  • Operations and Management AD: one position
  • Routing AD: two positions
  • Security AD: one position
  • Transport AD: one position

All Area Directors are two-year terms.


The following incumbents have indicated they will be seeking another term, although some have indicated they will step aside if there are sufficient candidates.

  • IETF LLC: none
  • IETF Trust: Glenn Deen
  • IAB: David Schinazi, Deborah Brungard, Zhenbin Li, Russ White
  • ART AD: Francesca Palombini
  • IETF Chair: Lars Eggert
  • INT AD: Eric Vyncke
  • OPS: Warran Kumari
  • RTG: John Scudder, Alvaro Retana
  • TSV: Zahed Sarker


NomCom selection phase:

  • June 21: First call for volunteers
  • July 7: Second call for volunteers
  • July 19: Third and final call for volunteers; random seed sources announced
  • July 25: Final list of volunteers posted
  • August 8: Corrected list of NomCom members; challenge period starts
  • August 17: An objection/challenge was raised
  • August 22: Objection resolved, list of voting members posted

Work phase:

  • August 4: Desired expertise posted
  • September 28: First call for nominations
  • October 20: Questionnaires available for candidates
  • October 26: Deadline for nominations
  • November 2: Deadline for acceptance and questionnaire responses
  • November 2: Call for community feedback
  • November: Interviews; some during IETF 115 (November 6-12)
  • December 1-8: Last set of remote interviews (Updated)

Final phase: (tentative)

  • December 12: Deadline for community feedback
  • Mid thru Late January: The selection process completes, and the slate is sent to confirming bodies. (Updated)
  • March 26-31: IETF 116 (Yokohama Japan) NomCom reports