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Jul 1 Update to List of volunteers for the 2021-2022 NomCom
July 1, 2021

NomCom Chair 2021 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
July 1, 2021
Jul 1 Update to List of volunteers for the 2021-2022 NomCom
This list has been updated with some cosmetic tweaks and one deletion: Brian Haberman is
deleted as he'll join the NomCom as ISOC Board liaison (subject to confirmation once the 
new ISOC Board is seated at the end of July).

This is a preliminary list of 116 qualified volunteers for NomCom 2021-2022.

All have been verified by using the Datatracker as qualified for the position of voting 
member of NomCom per RFC 8989.

The "Deadline for raising issues on the qualified volunteers list" is 
Monday, July 5, 2021 at 23:59 UTC.

If anyone thinks that a name on the numbered list below is NOT qualified for some 
reason, please send me email before this deadline at: 

nomcom-chair-2021 at ietf dot org 

The next steps are listed on 

The preliminary qualified volunteers are:

  Num   Last Name       First Name        Affiliation
   1    Aelmans         Melchior          Juniper Networks
   2    Bagdonas        Ignas             Equinix
   3    Banks           Sarah             Corelight, Inc.
   4    Barnes          Mary              Independent
   5    Beeram          Vishnu            Juniper Networks
   6    Benamar         Nabil             Moulay Ismail University of Meknes, Morocco
   7    Bertola         Vittorio          Open-Xchange
   8    Bishop          Mike              Akamai Technologies
   9    Bonica          Ron               Juniper Networks
   10   Box             Chris             BT
   11   Burdet          LucAndré          Cisco
   12   Bush            Randy             IIJ Research Lab & Arrcus Inc
   13   Busi            Italo             Huawei
   14   Chen            Mach              Huawei
   15   Chen            Huaimo            Futurewei
   16   Cheng           Weiqiang          China Mobile
   17   Ciavaglia       Laurent           Rakuten
   18   Clemm           Alexander         Futurewei
   19   Dhody           Dhruv             Huawei
   20   Dong            Jie               Huawei Technologies
   21   Drake           John              Juniper Networks
   22   Eastlake        Donald            Futurewei Technologies, Inc
   23   Eckel           Charles           Cisco Systems
   24   Eckert          Toerless          Futurewei USA
   25   Enghardt        Theresa           Netflix
   26   Fan             Dawei             Huawei
   27   Farrell         Stephen           Trinity College Dublin
   28   Fioccola        Giuseppe          Huawei Technologies
   29   Fomin           Sergey            Nokia
   30   Fossati         Thomas            Arm
   31   Geng            Xuesong           Huawei
   32   Gondwana        Bron              Fastmail Pty Ltd
   33   Gu              Yunan             Huawei
   34   Gundavelli      Sri               Cisco
   35   Haas            Jeffrey           Juniper Networks
   36   Haddad          Wassim            Ericsson
   37   Hallam-Baker    Phillip           Threshold Secrets LLC
   38   Harrison        Tom               APNIC
   39   Hegde           Shraddha          Juniper Networks
   40   Heitz           Jakob             Cisco Systems, Inc.
   41   Hinden          Bob               Check Point Software
   42   Hopps           Christian         LabN Consulting
   43   Housley         Russ              Vigil Security, LLC
   44   Huitema         Christian         Private Octopus Inc.
   45   Iannone         Luigi             Huawei
   46   Jimenez         Jaime             Ericsson
   47   Krishnan        Suresh            Kaloom
   48   Lear            Eliot             Cisco Systems
   49   Leiba           Barry             Futurewei Technologies
   50   Lemon           Ted               Apple
   51   Li              Cheng             Huawei
   52   Li              Richard           Futurewei Technologies, Inc.
   53   Li              Yizhou            Huawei
   54   Lin             Yi                Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
   55   Liu             Bing (Remy)       Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.
   56   Lou             Zhe               Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH
   57   Maisonneuve     Julien            Nokia
   58   Makhijani       Kiran             Futurewei
   59   Mankin          Allison           Salesforce
   60   Masinter        Larry   
   61   Mattsson        John              Ericsson
   62   McManus         Patrick           Fastly
   63   Michaelson      George            APNIC
   64   Min             Xiao              ZTE Corporation
   65   Mishra          Sanjay            Verizon
   66   Mizrahi         Tal               Huawei
   67   Moore           Keith             Network Heretics
   68   Nottingham      Mark              Fastly
   69   Paine           Kirsty            UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)
   70   Pan             Wei               Huawei
   71   Peng            Shuping           Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.
   72   Petit-Huguenin  Marc              Impedance Mismatch LLC
   73   Pillay-Esnault  Padma             Independent, Amazon
   74   Qu              Yingzhen          Futurewei Technologies Inc.
   75   Reid            Jim               rtfm llp
   76   Rescorla        Eric              Mozilla
   77   Resnick         Pete              Episteme Technology Consulting LLC
   78   Richardson      Michael           Sandelman Software Works
   79   Rose            Kyle              Akamai Technologies, Inc.
   80   Saad            Tarek             Juniper Networks
   81   Salz            Rich              Akamai
   82   Sangli          Srihari           Juniper Networks
   83   Schwartz        Benjamin          Google LLC
   84   Smyslov         Valery            ELVIS-PLUS
   85   Song            Haoyu             Futurewei
   86   StJohns         Michael           NthPermutation Security
   87   Surý            Ond?ej            Internet Systems Consortium
   88   Thomson         Martin            Mozilla
   89   Thubert         Pascal            Cisco Systems
   90   Trøan           Ole               cisco
   91   Tschofenig      Hannes            Arm
   92   Velvindron      Loganaden
   93   Volpato         Paolo             Huawei Technologies
   94   Wang            Haibo             Huawei
   95   Wang            Yali              Huawei
   96   Wei             Yuehua            ZTE Corporation
   97   Weiler          Samuel            W3C/MIT
   98   Westerlund      Magnus            Ericsson
   99   Winters         Timothy           QA Cafe
  100   Woolf           Suzanne           Public Interest Registry (.ORG)
  101   Wu              Bo                Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.
  102   Xiao            XiPeng            Huawei Technologies
  103   Xie             Jingrong          Huawei Technologies
  104   Xingjian        He                huawei
  105   Yan             Gang              Huawei
  106   Yang            Fan               Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.
  107   Yu              Yolanda           Huawei
  108   Zhang           Lixia             UCLA
  109   Zhang           Zheng             ZTE
  110   Zhang           Zhaohui           Juniper
  111   Zhao            Shuai             Tencent
  112   Zheng           Guangying         Huawei
  113   Zheng           Haomian           Huawei Technologies
  114   Zhou            Tianran           Huawei
  115   Zhuang          Shunwan           Huawei
  116   江 (Jiang)       元龙 (Yuanlong)   Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.