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Allison Mankin

Allison Mankin is an Internet protocol leader and researcher based in the Washington DC area, and holds the position of Principal Architect, DNS, at Salesforce. She has a long history in and around the IETF and IRTF, including serving as IRTF Chair, Transport AD (most recently stepping down in 2006), IPng AD, and Nomcom Chair. She has worked in industry, academic and government settings. Some of her positions prior to Salesforce were at USC/ISI, the US National Science Foundation (NSF), Bell Labs, and Verisign. As a program director at the US NSF, Allison was a leader of the Future Internet Design (FIND) program, which initiated the funding of info-centric networking and also played an early role in software-defined networking. She founded the Systers group at IETF and is devoted to inclusive team development.


Role Group Email
At Large Member Internet Research Steering Group (irsg)
Chair Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies (ecrit)

RFCs (6)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 7766 Mar 2016 DNS Transport over TCP - Implementation Requirements 10 RFCs
RFC 7858 May 2016 Specification for DNS over Transport Layer Security (TLS) 32 RFCs
RFC 8023 Nov 2016 Report from the Workshop and Prize on Root Causes and Mitigation of Name Collisions
RFC 8932 Oct 2020 Recommendations for DNS Privacy Service Operators 6 RFCs
RFC 9103 Aug 2021 DNS Zone Transfer over TLS 2 RFCs
RFC 9250 May 2022 DNS over Dedicated QUIC Connections 2 RFCs

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