Jana Iyengar

RFCs (6)

rfc5690 Feb 2010 Adding Acknowledgement Congestion Control to TCP
Cited by 4 RFCs
rfc6182 Mar 2011 Architectural Guidelines for Multipath TCP Development
Cited by 11 RFCs
rfc6817 Dec 2012 Low Extra Delay Background Transport (LEDBAT)
Cited by 15 RFCs
rfc8289 Jan 2018 Controlled Delay Active Queue Management
Cited by 8 RFCs
rfc9000 May 2021 QUIC: A UDP-Based Multiplexed and Secure Transport
Cited by 12 RFCs
rfc9002 May 2021 QUIC Loss Detection and Congestion Control
Cited by 4 RFCs