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Rolf Winter


Rolf has no active roles as of 2024-04-16.

RFCs (9)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 6417 Nov 2011 How to Contribute Research Results to Internet Standardization
RFC 6923 May 2013 MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Identifiers Following ITU-T Conventions 4 RFCs
RFC 6988 Sep 2013 Requirements for Energy Management 6 RFCs
RFC 7054 Nov 2013 Addressing Requirements and Design Considerations for Per-Interface Maintenance Entity Group Intermediate Points (MIPs)
RFC 7577 Jul 2015 Definition of Managed Objects for Battery Monitoring 2 RFCs
RFC 7778 Mar 2016 Mobile Communication Congestion Exposure Scenario
RFC 7843 May 2016 Port Control Protocol (PCP) Third-Party ID Option
RFC 8117 Mar 2017 Current Hostname Practice Considered Harmful 3 RFCs
RFC 8386 May 2018 Privacy Considerations for Protocols Relying on IP Broadcast or Multicast

Active Internet-Drafts (0)

Rolf has no active Internet-Drafts as of 2024-04-16.

Expired Internet-Drafts (20)

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