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Concluded WG Common Name Resolution Protocol (cnrp)

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WG Name Common Name Resolution Protocol
Acronym cnrp
Area Applications Area (app)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-cnrp-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chair Leslie Daigle
Mailing list Address
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Final Charter for Working Group

For the purposes of this working group, a "common name" is a word
or a phrase, without imposed syntactic structure, that may be
associated with a resource. These common names are expected to
be used primarily by humans (as opposed to machine agents). A common
name "resolution service" handles these associations between common
names and data (resources, information about resources, pointers to
locations, etc). A single common name may be associated with different
data records, and more than one resolution service is expected to exist.
Any common name may be used in any resolution service. Common
names are not URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) in that they
lack the syntactic structure imposed by URIs; furthermore, unlike
URNs, there is no requirement of uniqueness or persistence of the
association between a common name and a resource.

The working group will define a protocol for the parameterized
resolution necessary to make common names useful. "Resolution" is
defined as the retrieval of data associated (a priori) with descriptors
that match the input request. "Parameterized" means the ability to
have a multi-component descriptor. Descriptors are not required to
provide unique identification, therefore 0 or more records may be
returned to meet a specific input query.

Specific design considerations include

o ensuring applicability across languages and charactersets

o support for federated services: query referral

o facilitating interoperability of CNRP services: e.g., providing
base query parameters needed to support common name resolution,
as well as the ability to introduce others (and standardize

o security: authority, tracking origin of name

The protocol will define:

o client requests/server responses to identify the specific
parameters accepted and/or required on input requests

o client request/server responses to identify properties to
be returned in the result set

o expression of parameterized input query

o expression of result sets

o standard expression of error conditions


o Document outlining the goals of common name resolution

o Document specificying a protocol for common name resolution

o Document defining a URI scheme for allowing common names to be
embedded in documents

Input documents:

draft-popp-cnrp-00.txt, "A resolution protocol for Common Name
Namespaces", Nicolas Popp and Michael Mealling, February 1999.

draft-popp-cnrp-goals-00.txt, "Context and Goals for Common Name
Resolution", Larry Masinter, Michael Mealling, Nicolas Popp,
Karen Sollins, June 1999.


Date Milestone Associated documents
Dec 2000 Close working group.

Done milestones

Date Milestone Associated documents
Done Submit Resolution Protocol for Common Name Namespaces as a Proposed Standard.
Done Submit common name URI scheme as Proposed Standard
Done Draft of common name (resolution protocol) URI scheme
Done Submit Context and Goals for Common Name Resolution as an Informational RFC.