Dispatch (dispatch)

WG Name Dispatch
Acronym dispatch
Area Applications and Real-Time Area (art)
State Active
Charter charter-ietf-dispatch-02-02 Internal review
Personnel Chairs Mary Barnes
Cullen Jennings
Murray Kucherawy
Area Director Ben Campbell
Mailing list Addressdispatch@ietf.org
To subscribehttps://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/dispatch
Jabber chat Room address xmpp://dispatch@jabber.ietf.org
Logs https://jabber.ietf.org/logs/dispatch/

Charter for Working Group

The Dispatch working group is chartered to consider proposals for
new work in the RAI area and identify, or help create, an appropriate
venue for the work. Options for handling new work include:

- Directing the work to an existing WG.
- Developing a proposal for a BOF.
- Developing a charter and establishing consensus for a new WG
or Exploratory Group. This option will primarily be used with
fairly mature and well-defined efforts.
- Rejecting and deferring work.

A major objective of the DISPATCH WG is to provide timely, clear
dispositions of new efforts. Where there is consensus to take
on new work, the WG will strive to quickly find a home for it.
Reconsideration of proposals which have failed to gather consensus
will be prioritized behind proposals for new work which have not
yet been considered. In general, requests for reconsideration
should only be made once a proposal has been significantly

Guiding principles will include:

1. Providing a clear problem statement for proposed new work.

2. Prioritizing new efforts so that RAI does not take on more work
than it can effectively complete.

3. Looking for commonalities among ongoing development efforts.
Such commonalities may indicate the need to develop more
general, reusable components.

4. Protecting the architectural integrity of RAI protocols and
ensuring that work has general applicability.

If the group decides that a particular topic needs to be addressed by
a new or existing WG, the normal IETF chartering process will be
followed, including, for instance, IETF-wide review of the proposed
changes. Proposal for large work efforts SHOULD lead to a BOF where
the topic can be discussed in front of the entire IETF community.

Prior experience in RAI, particularly in SIPPING, indicates that the
activities described here are significantly hindered when trying to
complete the identified protocol work items in the same venue. The
DISPATCH working group will not direct protocol work to itself.


Date Milestone