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Dispatch (dispatch)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
RFC (1 hit)
13 pages
RFC 9239 (was draft-ietf-dispatch-javascript-mjs)
Updates to ECMAScript Media Types
2022-05 Informational RFC Francesca Palombini
Ben Campbell
Related Internet-Drafts (5 hits)
8 pages
The Truths of Information Technology
2022-04-01 I-D Exists
20 pages
Game State over Real Time Protocol
2022-03-04 I-D Exists
15 pages
Inside MLS Message Interop (IMMI) instant message content
2022-03-07 I-D Exists
29 pages 2022-03-31 I-D Exists
5 pages
Privatization of service type in IPv4/IPv6 data flows
2022-02-07 I-D Exists