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Version 5.3.1, 2014-04-16
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Home Networking (homenet)

Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
Active Internet-Drafts
draft-ietf-homenet-arch-13 IPv6 Home Networking Architecture Principles 2014-03-04 IESG Evaluation - Defer::AD Followup (for 184 days)
Submitted to IESG for Publication Sep 2011Dec 2011
Ted Lemon
Ray Bellis
draft-ietf-homenet-hncp-00 Home Networking Control Protocol 2014-04-22 I-D Exists
WG Document
Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
Related Internet-Drafts
draft-behringer-homenet-trust-bootstrap-02 Bootstrapping Trust on a Homenet 2014-02-14 I-D Exists 1
draft-cao-homenet-mif-srvdis-00 Service Discovery in the Homenet Environment with Multiple Connections 2013-10-21
expires soon
I-D Exists
draft-haddad-homenet-multihomed-03 Multihoming in Homenet 2014-04-01 I-D Exists
draft-mglt-homenet-dnssec-validator-dhc-options-02 DNSSEC Validators DHCP Options 2013-10-21
expires soon
I-D Exists
draft-mglt-homenet-naming-architecture-dhc-options-01 DHCP Options for Homenet Naming Architecture 2014-02-13 I-D Exists
draft-pfister-homenet-prefix-assignment-00 Prefix and Address Assignment in a Home Network 2014-02-06 I-D Exists
draft-stenberg-homenet-dnssd-hybrid-proxy-zeroconf-00 Auto-Configuration of a Network of Hybrid Unicast/Multicast DNS-Based Service Discovery Proxy Nodes 2014-02-05 I-D Exists
draft-winters-homenet-sper-interaction-01 Service Provider Edge Router Interaction 2014-02-14 I-D Exists
draft-xu-homenet-traffic-class-02 Traffic Class Routing Protocol in Home Networks 2014-04-21 I-D Exists