Provisioning of Symmetric Keys (keyprov) Concluded WG

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WG Name Provisioning of Symmetric Keys
Acronym keyprov
Area Security Area (sec)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-keyprov-04 Approved
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Personnel Chairs Hannes Tschofenig 
Phillip Hallam-Baker 
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Charter for Working Group

Current developments in deployment of Shared Symmetric Key (SSK)
tokens have highlighted the need for a standard protocol for
provisioning symmetric keys.

The need for provisioning protocols in PKI architectures has been
recognized for some time. Although the existence and architecture of
these protocols provides a feasibility proof for the KEYPROV work
assumptions built into these protocols mean that it is not possible
to apply them to symmetric key architectures without substantial

In particular the ability to provision symmetric keys and associated
attributes dynamically to already issued devices such as cell phones
and USB drives is highly desirable. The working group will develop
the necessary protocols and data formats required to support
provisioning and management of symmetric key authentication tokens,
both proprietary and standards based.

Input Documents

The following Internet drafts have been proposed by their authors as
input documents:

* Dynamic Symmetric Key Provisioning Protocol (M. Pei, S. Machani)
* Portable Symmetric Key Container (A. Vassilev, J. Martinsson, M.
Pei, P. Hoyer, S. Machani)
* Extensions to CT-KIP to support one- and two-pass key
initialization (M. Nystroem, S. Machani)

Scope and Deliverables

The scope of the working group shall be to define protocols and data
formats necessary for provisioning of symmetric cryptographic keys
and associated attributes.

The group shall consider use cases related to use of Shared Symmetric
Key Tokens. Other use cases may be considered for the purpose of
avoiding unnecessary restrictions in the design and ensure the
potential for future extensibility.

The working group will produce the following deliverables:

* Portable Symmetric Key Container
* Dynamic Symmetric Key Provisioning Protocol


Date Milestone
1 Jan 2008 WG documents to DRAFT Standard Status
1 Jan 2008 Complete implementation and interoperability tests
1 Aug 2007 IETF Last Call Dynamic Symmetric Key Provisioning Protocol
1 Aug 2007 IETF Last Call Portable Symmetric Key Container
1 Jun 2007 WG Last Call Dynamic Symmetric Key Provisioning Protocol
1 Jun 2007 WG Last Call Portable Symmetric Key Container