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Concluded WG Media Gateway Control (megaco)

Note: The data for concluded WGs is occasionally incorrect.

WG Name Media Gateway Control
Acronym megaco
Area Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area (rai)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-megaco-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chair Tom Taylor
Mailing list Address
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Final Charter for Working Group

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  There is a Web interface (up to February 2001 only):

The Megaco media gateway control protocol, RFC 3015 (also published as
ITU-T Recommendation H.248), was developed by the Megaco Working Group
in close cooperation with ITU-T Study Group 16. The protocol responds
to the requirements documented in RFC 2805.

The Megaco Working Group has identified a large number of corrections
to the protocol specification in the year and a half since RFC
H.248 was approved. As guardians of the protocol specification, Study
Group 16 maintains a record of these corrections in the form of an
"Implementor's Guide". Study Group 16 now proposes to issue a new
version of Recommendation H.248 incorporating these corrections and a
limited number of new protocol features. The current charter includes
one package, on naming patterns. If the WG determines that other
packages are of general usefulness, an AD and IESG review is needed to
permit addition of the package to the charter.

The basic mandate of the Megaco Working Group is to cooperate with the
ITU-T in the continuing refinement and evolution of the Megaco/H.248
protocol. This specifically includes participation in the development
of H.248v2 and subsequent versions, creation of packages of general
usefulness to users of the protocol, and creation of documents
providing additional information to the development community on
specific aspects of the protocol.

The work of package development for specific applications is
specifically excluded from the Working Group's mandate. However, the
Megaco list will continue to be a place where such packages can be
discussed and refined before being submitted to the IESG for potential
publication as individually-submitted RFCs.


Date Milestone Associated documents
May 2002 Submit Informational document, example Megaco/H.248 call flows, to the IESG
Mar 2002 Submit Megaco/H.248 MIB to the IESG
Mar 2002 Submit standards Track document, naming pattern package, to the IESG
Feb 2002 Submit standards Track document reproducing the content of H.248v2 to the IESG
Feb 2002 Submit RFC MIBs for MC and MG to IESG for publication as RFCs

Done milestones

Date Milestone Associated documents
Done Submit protocol(s) between MC and MG to IESG for publication as RFCs
Done Submit protocol to ITU-T SG 16 for decision as Recommendation H.248
Done Submit architecture and requirements document to IESG
Done Updated draft of protocol between MC and MG
Done Initial draft of MG and MC MIBs
Done Initial draft of protocol between MC and MG
Done Submit Initial draft of architecture and requirements document