NOC-Tools (noctools) Concluded WG

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WG Name NOC-Tools
Acronym noctools
Area User Services Area (usv)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-noctools-01 Approved
Dependencies Document dependency graph (SVG)
Personnel Chairs Gary Malkin 
Robert Enger 
Area Director April Marine 
Mailing list Address
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Charter for Working Group

The NOC-Tools Working Group will develop a catalog to assist network
managers in the selection and acquisition of diagnostic and analytic
tools for TCP/IP Internets.


Date Milestone
1 Jan 1989 Establish procedures to ensure the ongoing maintenance of the reference and the archive, and identify an organization willing to do it.
1 Jan 1989 Arrange for the central (or multi-point) archiving of these tools in order to increase their availability.
1 Jan 1989 Identify the need for new or improved tools as may become apparent during the compilation of the reference document.
1 Jan 1989 Publish a reference document listing what tools are available, what they do, and where they can be obtained.
1 Jan 1989 Identify tools available to assist network managers in debugging and maintaining their networks.