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Concluded WG Registry Information Database Exchange Formats & P (ride)

Note: The data for concluded WGs is occasionally incorrect.

WG Name Registry Information Database Exchange Formats & P
Acronym ride
Area Operations and Management Area (ops)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-ride-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chair David Kessens

Final Charter for Working Group

Many different registry formats and access protocols ((r)whois(++)) for
Internet registries exist right now but cannot cooperate together. RIDE
explores the technical aspects and possibilities for an exchange schema
for at least Internet IP, routing and domain registries. This schema
allow any Internet registry technology to work together with others for
most basic operations that are interesting from a global perspective.
schema will be kept as simple as possible to allow for a minimal effort
for supporting RIDE in the current existing registry technologies. Work
has already commenced on a draft on the data types that were considered
most urgent right now (domain and personal data). More information is
available at: http://www.ISI.EDU/~davidk/ride.