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Concluded WG Security Automation and Continuous Monitoring (sacm)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
RFCs (4 hits)
23 pages
RFC 7632 (was draft-ietf-sacm-use-cases)
Endpoint Security Posture Assessment: Enterprise Use Cases
Informational RFC
Kathleen Moriarty
Dan Romascanu
20 pages
RFC 8248 (was draft-ietf-sacm-requirements)
Security Automation and Continuous Monitoring (SACM) Requirements
Informational RFC
Kathleen Moriarty
Karen O'Donoghue
101 pages
RFC 8412 (was draft-ietf-sacm-nea-swima-patnc)
Software Inventory Message and Attributes (SWIMA) for PA-TNC
Proposed Standard RFC
Benjamin Kaduk
Karen O'Donoghue
61 pages
RFC 9393 (was draft-ietf-sacm-coswid)
Concise Software Identification Tags
Proposed Standard RFC
Roman Danyliw
Christopher Inacio