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Some PKIX and SMIME (spasm)

WG Name Some PKIX and SMIME
Acronym spasm
Area Security Area (sec)
State Abandoned
Charter charter-ietf-spasm-00-04 Not currently under review
Document dependencies
Personnel Area Director Stephen Farrell
Mailing list Address
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Charter for Working Group

The PKIX and S/MIME Working Groups have been closed for some time. Some
updates have been proposed to the X.509 certificate documents produced by the
PKIX Working Group and the electronic mail security documents produced by the
S/MIME Working Group.

The SPASM (Some PKIX and S/MIME) Working Group is chartered to make updates
where there is a known constituency interested in real deployment and there is
at least one sufficiently well specified approach to the update so that the
working group can sensibly evaluate whether to adopt a proposal. The current
charter encompasses updates to satisfy the following needs:

  1. Specify the way to include an i18n email address as a subject
    alternative name and an issuer alternative name.
    draft-melnikov-spasm-eai-addresses is a proposal in this space.

  2. Specify the way to use authenticated encryption in S/MIME.
    draft-schaad-rfc5751-bis is a proposal in this space.

In addition, the SPASM Working Group may investigate other updates to the
documents produced by the PKIX and S/MIME Working Groups, but the SPASM Working
Group shall not adopt any of these potential work items without rechartering.
No such re-chartering is envisaged until one or more of the above work items
have been successfully delivered to the RFC editor queue.