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Virtual Tunneling Protocol BOF (vtp)

WG Name Virtual Tunneling Protocol BOF
Acronym vtp
State BOF Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-vtp-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chair Pat R. Calhoun
Chat Room address

Charter for Working Group

This is to announce the VTP (Virtual Tunneling Protocol) BOF at the
37th IETF in San Jose. The BOF will take place Wednesday at 9:00.

The VTP protocol may be used by a service provider to offer Virtual
Private Network (VPN) services and dial access services to corporate
home networks. This protocol can also be used to construct a corporate
VPN by establishing VTP tunnels between routers at the branch and
corporate offices.

In order to provide a true "multi-protocol" VPN technology, it is
necessary to perform some form of encapsulation and tunneling in order
to mask the private address space being used. This technology must be
sufficiently secure in order to protect the network resources from
outside attack.

There exists some basic form of "multi-protocol" VPN technology today
by some manufacturers, however these are either very static in nature
or are proprietary solutions. The intent of this document is to
establish a standard, dynamic tunnel establishment scheme which
require minimal configuration in order to ease deployment of such

VTP uses extensions to existing protocols such as GRE and Mobile-IP,
which allow for easy implementations. In addition, VTP specifies an
optional kerberos-like key management scheme for key distribution,
which allows for multi-provider environments. However IPSEC is
recommended as the underlying security mechanism.