Agenda IETF106: lwig

Meeting Agenda Light-Weight Implementation Guidance (lwig) WG
Title Agenda IETF106: lwig
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Meeting Agenda

          LWIG WG Meeting
          IETF 106 - Singapore
          Room:     Athens/Barcelona
          Date:     Nov 19, 2019
	        Time 18:10-19:10	Monday Afternoon session III
          Chairs:   Zhen Cao, Mohit Sethi
          AD:       Suresh Krishnan
          Presentation materials:
          Meetecho for remote participants:
          0.  Administrative and Agenda Bashing and Working Group Status (Chairs, 15 min)
              Note Well, Note Takers, Jabber Scribes, Agenda Bashing
          1. Carles Gomez, WGLC Update of draft-ietf-lwig-tcp-constrained-node-networks (10 min)
          2. IETF Protocol Implementation Experiences from an IoT simulation environment ; (20 min)
          	  by Rahul Jadhav