Agenda IETF108: saag

Meeting Agenda Security Area Open Meeting (saag) AG
Title Agenda IETF108: saag
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Meeting Agenda

SAAG session at virtual IETF 108
1300-1350 UTC, Thursday July 30, 2020
Chairs: Ben Kaduk and Roman Danyliw

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Welcome, Administrivia, and Agenda Bashing	5 min (chairs)
WG Reports					10 min (WG chairs)
DOTS Overview (RFCs 8782, 8783)			10 min (Tiru)
Discussion on PKI vs. Pinning Applicability	10 min (chairs)
Potential BCP 72 Updates			15 min (various)
  - IAB Model-T program
  - draft-gont-numeric-ids-sec-considerations