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Agenda IETF114: hrpc

Meeting Agenda Human Rights Protocol Considerations (hrpc) RG
Date and time 2022-07-28 17:30
Title Agenda IETF114: hrpc
State Active
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Last updated 2022-07-22

      Agenda HRPC IETF 114

# Welcome and introduction (15 minutes)

        Scribe, Note takers
        Agenda Review
        Research Group status

# Talk: Barath Raghavan, USC (30 minutes)

        "Computing with limits"

# Talk: Lana Ramjit, Cornell Tech, Director of Operations at the Clinic to End
Tech Abuse (30 minutes)

        "Understanding and Responding to Technology Abuse"

# Updates: Status (15 minutes each)

        draft-irtf-hrpc-guidelines, Gurshabad Grover
        draft-irtf-hrpc-association, Niels ten Oever

# AOB (15 minutes)