Application MIB

Document Charter Application MIB WG (applmib) Snapshot
Title Application MIB
Last updated 1999-07-26
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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The Application MIB Working Group is chartered to define a set of
managed objects for the monitoring and control of distributed
applications. Specifically, these managed objects will focus on
providing information about the configuration (including application
dependencies and associations between applications), fault (including
status information such as up, down, or degraded) and performance
(including resource utilization) of distributed applications.

The working group will only concern itself with the specification of
MIB objects in the management areas defined above. It will not
undertake to define details of implementation such as programming API's
for the access to this information.

The working group will consider existing MIB modules that define
objects with similar functions or modules which can be used in
conjunction with the Application MIB such as RFC 1514 (The Host
Resources MIB) and RFC 1697 (The RDBMS-MIB).

The activities of the working group will take place in two stages. The
first will focus on the development of a System Application MIB which
will not require applications to write additional instrumentation
code.  This generic information will serve as a base for the follow-on
Application MIB which will contain additional information that will
require applications to write additional instrumentation. The schedule
below describes the schedule for the development of the System
Application MIB.