GitHub Integration and Tooling

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Title GitHub Integration and Tooling
Last updated 2019-02-08
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IESG Responsible AD Alissa Cooper
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Many IETF working groups use external code repository services, primarily
GitHub, in managing their work. Individual working groups, while continuing to
operate within IETF guidelines for working group activity, have developed their
own policies and practices for how they use these services. These policies and
practices cover aspects such as: managing discussion between working group
mailing lists and GitHub issues and pull requests; how text contributions are
expected to be made; labeling and naming conventions; maintaining readable
draft snapshots; using tooling and automation; informing participants about
IETF policies; and others.

The GitHub Integration and Tooling (GIT) working group will select a set of
such practices and document policies that support those practices. The policies
will each detail how work is conducted by working groups that opt to follow the
work practice. The goal is to provide both process and tooling support for
working groups that choose to adopt the practices.

The documents produced by this group may apply to services similar to GitHub.
However, documenting generalized policies that are designed to apply to
multiple services or policies specific to services besides GitHub are out of
scope for this working group. Pursuing such work requires a re-charter.

The documents produced by this group will not alter the Internet Standards
Process (BCP 9). They will describe how to work within it. Whether working
groups choose to use GitHub or the documented policies to support their work
will remain entirely at their discretion.

The working group may also discuss tooling requirements in support of GitHub
use. Decisions about implementing specific tooling needs will be undertaken by
the IETF Tools Team in consultation with working group participants and other
interested contributors.