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Global Routing Operations

The information below is for a proposed recharter. The current approved charter is version 03
Document Proposed charter Global Routing Operations WG (grow)
Title Global Routing Operations
Last updated 2021-01-28
State Start Chartering/Rechartering (Internal Steering Group/IAB Review) Rechartering
WG State Active
IESG Responsible AD Warren "Ace" Kumari
Charter edit AD Warren "Ace" Kumari
Telechat date (None)
Has enough positions to pass.
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The purpose of GROW is to consider the operational problems associated
with the Internet Protocol (IP) global routing systems, including but
not limited to default-free zone routing table growth, effects of the
interactions between interior and exterior routing protocols, the effect
of address allocation policies, or practices on the global routing
system. Where appropriate, GROW documents the operational aspects of
measurement, monitoring, policy, operational global routing system security, VPN
infrastructures, or safe default behavior of global IP routing protocol
implementations and deployments. SIDR operations related work will occur in

GROW will also advise various working groups, mainly IDR and SIDROPS,
with respect to whether they are addressing the relevant operational and
routing security requirements of Internet-connected networks, and, where
appropriate, suggest course corrections.


Provide stewardship and maintenance for the BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP).

Provide stewardship and maintenance for the Multi-Threaded Routing Toolkit
(MRT) Routing Information Export Format.

Document Best Current Practices for operations of the Internet global routing

Document the operational aspects of securing the Internet routing system, and
provide recommendations to other WGs.

Provide documentation to assist in preventing malpractice in the global routing

Proposed milestones


Date Milestone Associated documents
Feb 2022 “Using IRR and RPKI data to improve filtering of BGP peering sessions” to IESG or via “Evolving Documents”
Nov 2021 TLV support for BMP Route Monitoring and Peer Down Messages" to IESG
Nov 2021 “Negative consequences of de-aggregating received routes for traffic engineering purposes” to IESG
Aug 2021 "Revision to Registration Procedures for Multiple BMP Registries" to IESG
Jul 2021 "BMP Peer Up Message Namespace" to IESG
Apr 2021 "Support for Local RIB in BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP)" to IESG draft-ietf-grow-bmp-local-rib