The ARK URI scheme

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Internet Engineering Task Force                       M. Castelan Castro
Internet-Draft                                                    17beta
Intended status: Informational                            April 28, 2020
Expires: October 30, 2020

                           The ARK URI scheme


   This specification defines the

   (ARK) URI scheme that is especially suitable for persistent

   Persistent identifiers for latest version of this document:

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Castelan Castro         Expires October 30, 2020                [Page 1]
Internet-Draft             The ARK URI scheme                 April 2020

   the Trust Legal Provisions and are provided without warranty as
   described in the Simplified BSD License.


   The ARK (Archival Resource Key) identifier scheme is flexible,
   dereferenceable and especially suitable for persistent identifiers.
   A founding principle of the design of the ARK scheme is that
   persistence is a matter of service not conferred by any particular
   identifier scheme; ARK is designed to ease the task of achieving
   persistence.  This document specifies the technical details of the
   ARK system as an URI and IRI scheme and does not elaborate at length
   on the design rationale of the ARK system; for that see [Kunze_ARK].


   The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT",
   document are to be interpreted as described in [req_words].

   The terms "identifier", "resource", "representation", "information
   resource" and "non-information resource" are used as described in
   [webarch].  For conciseness we use the term "referent" to mean the
   resource identified by an identifier.  Note that identifiers are
   strings of characters, representations are strings of octets paired
   with an interpretation and resources are

   like the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll or
   Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory.

   The notation used to describe syntax is that described in [ABNF]
   extended as follows: A literal preceeded by "

   " matches any string that is equivalent when corresponding uppercase
   and lowercase codepoints in the range


   are taken as equivalent.  The syntax is augmented with set difference
   indicated by the operator "

   " whose precedence is between Alternative and Concatenation.  All the
   syntactic terms defined in [ABNF] are referenced here.

Castelan Castro         Expires October 30, 2020                [Page 2]
Internet-Draft             The ARK URI scheme                 April 2020


   "ARK" stands for Archival Resource Key. The URI scheme defined in
   this document is named "ARK scheme".  Every identifier that uses this
   scheme is called an "ARK".  The ARK scheme is designed to ease the
   creation and maintenance of persistent and dereferenceable resource
   identifiers.  An ARK may be used either to identify an information
   resource or a non-information resource.  There are 3 forms of ARKs.

   The following is an example of a Basic ARK:

   . "

   " is the URI scheme "

   " is the NAAN and "

   " is the Name.  The Embedded ARK

   corresponds to the above Basic ARK; being a web URI, it can
   potentially be accessed by any web browser without need for specific
   support for the ARK scheme.

   A founding principle of the design of ARK is that persistence is a
   matter of the service provided by the resolver servicing a persistent
   identifier not conferred by the identifier scheme itself.  Users MUST
   NOT automatically assume that any published ARK is a persistent
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