Some Measurements on World IPv6 Day from an End-User Perspective

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 03 and is now closed.

Brian Haberman Yes

( Ron Bonica ) No Objection

( Stewart Bryant ) No Objection

Comment (2012-08-14 for -03)
I look forward to the authors producing a pdf version of this text as stated in the writeup.

( Ralph Droms ) No Objection

Comment (2012-08-15 for -03)
Can you add some text in the methodology section
describing the details of the IPv6 connectivity at
the site where you performed the measurements?

( Wesley Eddy ) No Objection

Comment (2012-08-13 for -03)
I agree with the comments from Martin and Stephen regarding externally-hosted PDF images that are important to the document content.

( Adrian Farrel ) No Objection

Stephen Farrell No Objection

Comment (2012-08-09 for -03)

- Be good to add a reference to DNS whitelisting
agreements on p5.

- The graphs should be included in the pdf version
and the ascii version should say that IMO. Not sure
if the RFC editor would be ok with that or not.

( Russ Housley ) No Objection

Barry Leiba No Objection

( Pete Resnick ) No Objection

( Robert Sparks ) No Objection

Martin Stiemerling No Objection

Comment (2012-08-10 for -03)
I just wonder if the graphs will be accessible 'forever' under this link: ?
But as Stephen said, it would be good to have the graphs in the pdf version of the document and saying this in the ASCII RFC version.

( spt ) No Objection