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Minutes IETF110: openpgp

Meeting Minutes Open Specification for Pretty Good Privacy (openpgp) WG
Date and time 2021-03-11 14:30
Title Minutes IETF110: openpgp
State Active
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Last updated 2021-03-12

## OpenPGP Session @ IETF 110
2021-03-11 14:30:00 to 15:30:00 UTC

Stephen Farrell and DKG chairing.

Note Well was projected.

No agenda bashing. Will go over github issues (with Paul W) if time permits.

DKG went over the process for rfc4880bis. Using gitlab.
Stephen: Looking to do that (work on the crypto refresh draft) in interim
meetings. Not open for new ideas at this time.


## Lara Bruseghini presenting Key Extraction Attacks through Encrypted Private
Key Corruption Stephen Farrell: When will we see the results? Lara: Don't know
yet. Kirsty Paine: Did you report the vulnerabilities (found in two apps) Lara:
Yes. We contacted them. They've been fixed a few months ago. Kenny Paterson: We
did responsible disclosure. All libraries we found were patched.


## Justus Winter on A Common OpenPGP Interoperability Test Suite
DKG (no relation to the dkgpg library): Thanks for the presentation and the
work. ### No other questions


## NIIBE Yutaka on SOS (Simple Octet String)
### [representing new ECC in OpenPGP]
PHB: Can also use a random seed + a per-algorithms key generation mechanism. If
we adopted that, you push the onus of tagging and bagging on the algorithm
creators. DKG: That has serious interop / legacy issues with deployed clients.
PHB: Yes, but this solution is good for the next set of curves.


## Open Issues (with the draft)
Paul Wouters: pulling in a lot of issues. 3DES is still a MUST because we
didn't get to this section yet. Presenting the parts in small chunks to the WG.
Re-confirmed the consensus on the items. DKG: Can follow up now or on the list.
Paul W: If we have a new way for new curves, should discuss it soon, because
we're going to do that part soon. Stephen Farrell: Think we want 1 or 2
interims between now and 111.  Willl do Doodle polls on the list.

DKG: Hoping to get more people to give feedback on the list.
Stephen Farrell: Good night.

### Session ended