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Minutes IETF115: openpgp: Tue 13:00

Meeting Minutes Open Specification for Pretty Good Privacy (openpgp) WG
Date and time 2022-11-08 13:00
Title Minutes IETF115: openpgp: Tue 13:00
State Active
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Last updated 2022-11-08



  • Tuesday Nov 8th, 1300-1430 UTC
  • (Richmond 1 room)

Co-chairs: Stephen Farrell, Daniel Kahn Gillmor
Notetakers: Aron Wussler, Rick van Rein


Intro (chair, 5 mins)

Avoiding conflicts with draft-koch-openpgp-rfc4880bis-00

  • Both define a key v5 and sig v5, but are different
  • Paul: we should not allow IANA registry squatting
  • Aron: V5 signature and keys are not deployed yet, deconflicting is
    not necessary
  • Daniel: Werner Koch hinted on the mailing list to being open to
    changes for keys and sigs, since they are not implemented yet. For
    keys and sigs the conflict does not exist yet.
  • dkg: Proposal to bump PKESK, OPS, Sig, and Keys to v6
  • Paul: let's not start a race to the latest version
  • Roman: what's the issue with a "race to the latest version"?
  • POLL: 13 for moving to v6, 0 against
  • Daniel: We should still reach out to Werner to ensure that he's not
    willing to adapt v5
  • Action: sftcd to Reach out to Werner about v5 changes

Salt length

  • v5 sigs use 16 octet salt, enlarge in preparation of PQ sigs?
  • Aron: Bind sig salt size to signature hash ID
  • dkg: Variant: Column in hash algs table, with a length of the salt
    for that hash. Introduce new hashes when going PQ (that are the same
    as the old ones but with higher collision resistance). Withdrawn.
  • Options: 1. keep as-is 16 octets; 2. salt size bound to sighashid;
  • POLL: 15 choose hash-bound salt size; 1 person chooses kee at 16,
    because 16 is big enough
  • Action: Aron volunteers to make a PR for this

Aliased Signature Versions

  • v5 sigs over data < 4GiB can be turned into a v3 sig, sometimes also
    v4 sig, over subtly different data
  • cause is in old v3 format (deprecated), a modified v5 can at least
    be distinguished from v4
  • POLL: change v5 signature trailer to avoid aliasing. in favor: 8,
    opposed: 2
  • Action: dkg volunteers to make a PR

Contexts for Encryption and Sigs

  • to allow separation of applications' uses of OpenPGP
  • doing this in an interoperable way (registry of known contexts;
    definitions of how to derive context string for each context; peer
    signalling support) to raises a fair amount of complexity.
  • If we publish nothing but the "default" context string, that is
    similar to what we already have, but interop risks
  • if a registry of even one context, string derivation, and signalling
    mechanism are well-defined, should be easy to adopt a non-default
    approach in the future.
  • Kick this can down the road?
  • no poll

EC point wire formats

  • ECDH and ECDSA pubkeys can move to x-coordinate only
  • Aron: Opposes, only representational, small savings, but adds
    complexity and breaks the previous format
  • POLL: 0 vote for change 9 votes against, keep the status quo

IANA updates

  • Aron: I-D is the desired publication format for "specification
  • Version Numbers and Packet Types are special: RFC required; any type
    will do
  • Guidance for Expert Review: Open, stable, likely to foster
  • Are there registries so small that numbers are scarce? Otherwise
    "specification required will do"
  • Action: Stephen and dkg write a text proposal to capture this

Non-WG items, potential work if re-chartering

PQC (Aron Wussler, 15 mins)

  • Composite multi-alg (classic+PQC)
  • Seek input: algorithms, binding sigsaltsize to hash ID, binding
    hashfunction to hash ID