Minutes IETF99: cdni

Meeting Minutes Content Delivery Networks Interconnection (cdni) WG
Title Minutes IETF99: cdni
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Meeting Minutes

   CDNI Working Group Minutes
IETF-99, Prague, Czech Republic
- Chaired by Kevin Ma (remote) and Phil Sorber (on behalf of Francois Le
Faucheur) - Meeting notes captured by Magnus Westerlund and Kevin J. Ma, edited
by Kevin J. Ma - Audio Recording at:
https://www.ietf.org/audio/ietf99/ietf99-berlin_brussels-20170717-1740.mp3 -
Slides at: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/99/materials.html

Chair slides (Kevin J. Ma)

- A large number of RFCs published (RFC7937, RFC7975, RFC8006, RFC8007,
RFC8008) since last meeting (Berlin). - One milestone open, URI signing. -
Three new Errata filed on Control Interface Triggers based on external review
by the Streaming Video Alliance. - Beyond WG milestones: Three topics being
discussed.  HTTPS delegation being discussed today.

URI Signing (Phil Sorber)

- 2 revs since last meeting (Berlin)
- Move to JWT complete. Merge of HAS support complete.
- Plan to merge 2 Pull Requests. After that ready for WGLC. Four thumbs up.
- Kevin: agreeing on going forward; will start shepherd review in parallel.

HTTPS delegation (Frederic Fieau)

- Update adding ACME * proposal, looking at CDNI Metadata for booth-strap phase.
- Next step: add sub-cert, oob, and possibly lurk support and discuss triggers.
- Sanjay Mishra: slide 2, typo START -> STAR.
- Kevin: sent some comments on the metadata objects to the list. Question,
should sub-certs be combined with ACME, or is it own object. - Emile Stephane:
have a registry and different metadata sets for the different methods in the
same draft for now. - Sanjay: will add sub-cert details, based on current
sub-cert draft

- Asking for adoption. Kevin, saying a bit premature. Want to see how next
draft develops and how it relates to sub-certs and STAR progresses and their
needs. Will start talking to AD about what is needed for re0charter.

Any Other Business
 Lijuan (Rachel) Chen, Huawei presenting Ideas on Access network CDNs

 - New Business Model for CDN SaaS (CDN Service Provider) vs [PaaS, IaaS]
 (Network Operator)

 - Sanjay: what are looking for CDNI WG to do?
   Rachel: Current CDNI interconnect between CDN service provider interconnect
   is not sufficient. Discuss how one can enlarge the marketspace/capabilities.
   New direction for CDNs and CDNI.

 - Emile: does your solution reuse existing CDNI interfaces?
   Rachel: Will consider existing interfaces, but first consider a business
   model innovation, then capabilities.

 - Michael Kreipl(?): are you trying to solve a business model problem with a
 technical solution?
   Rachel: Both. The story, needs to make sense. Then we can discuss solution.

 - Kevin: business models are not really our scope. If there are new technical
 requirements on CDNI then it can make sense. Please write a draft that
 explains how CDNI relates to the idea, and what gaps that exist. CDNI
 interfaces can be used for intra-CDN, but it is definitely out-of-scope of the
 charter and would require re-chartering.
   Rachel: The idea does not break/stray from CDNI, but looks for deeper

 - Yue (Michael) Yin: we can submit a draft with use cases and problem
 statement. CDNI should focus on new technical questions, to see if we can
 expand the existing interfaces.

Session Closed at 18:23