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Minutes for MILE at interim-2015-mile-1

Meeting Minutes Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange (mile) WG
Title Minutes for MILE at interim-2015-mile-1
State Active
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Last updated 2015-07-21

MILE interim meeting

Date: 23 Jul, 2015
Location: WebEx
Co-chairs and Sec: Alexey, Take(Co-chairs), and Dave (Sec)

Agenda bashing

1. Welcome, Status, and Agenda Bash,
    Chairs, 5 min

2. The Incident Object Description Exchange Format v2
   Roman Danyliw, 40 min

3. Milestone for the working group drafts.
    Chairs, 10 min

Discussion on draft-ietf-mile-rfc5070-bis-13

The following issues were discussed.
  #47 Clarify definition of iodef:SoftwareType -13
  #48 Disambiguating private enumerated attribute extensions -12
  #49 Clarify the uniqueness of the @translation-id scope -12
  #50 Provide support for "bulk observables" -12
  #51 Distinguish between protocol and port number -12
  #52 Flexibility in the rates expressed in Counter -12
  #53 Add and instance of iodef:SoftwareType to File -12
  #1 Fix internationalization

The changes are based on the discussion result of the Dallas meeting and are
already reflected in the -13 version document.

The following issues need to be explored toward the completion of this work.
  #39 RelatedDNS documentation
  #46 Missing data elements from NIST SP800-61 and CERT's Handbook for CSIRTs 6
  of 7 #54 Reorganize IODEF schema #38 Improve example in Section 7

The author agreed to publish a revision until the Prague meeting (IETF 83), so
that we can initiate its WGLC in the meeting.