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Title 2014-08-13-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

Minutes of the August 13, 2014 RSOC Teleconference

Reported by: Cindy Morgan, IETF Secretariat

 Nevil Brownlee
 Heather Flanagan (RSE, non-voting)
 Tony Hansen
 Alexey Melnikov (Chair)
 Cindy Morgan (Scribe)
 Ray Pelletier (IAOC Liaison, non-voting)
 Robert Sparks

 Sarah Banks
 Joel Halpern (Lead)
 Joe Hildebrand
 Bob Hinden


0. Review of Minutes 

  As there was not a quorum of the RSOC present, the minutes of the 11 
  June 2014 teleconference and the 19 July 2014 retreat remain under 

1. Agenda Bash

  No changes were made to the agenda.

2. RFC Online Project 

  Heather Flanagan reported that it was recently discovered that some of 
  the early RFCs that were retyped into .txt format as part of the RFC 
  Online Project ( were 
  not treated consistently with regards to typos and boilerplate.  
  Heather reported that the RFC Editor plans to add a statement to the 
  Info pages for the affected RFCs: "The .txt file may not exactly match 
  the original RFC because it was transcribed and possibly altered as 
  part of the RFC Online Project."  

  Heather Flanagan asked the RSOC whether this note would be sufficient 
  to address any concerns.  Tony Hansen suggested also adding a pointer 
  to the PDF or postscript image of the original RFC in cases where that 
  is available.

3. Report Back on IETF 90

3.1. WG Chairs Lunch

  Heather Flanagan reported that her presentation about document 
  language editing sessions during the Working Group Chairs Lunch at 
  IETF 90 was reasonably successful.  Heather will work with Mirjam 
  Kuehne of the Edu Team to post a copy of the RFC Editor Tips and 
  Tricks draft on the WG chairs wiki.  

  Heather Flanagan reported that the RFC Editor is planning to set up a 
  writing lab for IETF 91, where people can sign up in advance to get 
  specific assistance with their draft from the RFC Editor.  These plans 
  depend on whether there will be meeting space available; meeting space 
  at the venue in Honolulu is very tight.  Heather will report back once 
  she has more information.

3.2. Format Session

  Heather Flanagan reported that the RFCFORM session at IETF 90 focused 
  on updates on the current status of the drafts, as well as 
  discussions about what will be possible with the CSS.  Heather expects 
  the RFCFORM session at IETF 91 will focus on the overall framework of 
  the RFC format change.

4. Format Update

4.1. Formats and Fonts

  Heather Flanagan reported that for the PDF format, the design team is 
  looking for one or two fonts with the following characteristics:

  - Reasonable licensing requirements
  - Allows for the full range of Unicode characters
  - At least one fixed-width font (for use in code samples)

  Nevil Brownlee is reaching out to a contact with font expertise; Tony 
  Hansen and Robert Sparks also volunteered to make inquiries.  The 
  topic will be discussed further by the design team. 

4.2. Framework Draft

  Heather Flanagan reported that she is working on a framework draft 
  that describes the entire RFC redesign effort; an early draft is being 
  reviewed by the design team.  Heather will report back to the RSOC on 
  this once the draft is ready to be posted as a version -00 internet-

4.3. Digital Preservation Policy

  Heather Flanagan reported that she has started work on a 
  considerations document for the RFC digital preservation policy.  The 
  community will need to understand the tradeoffs involved in digital 
  preservation; the policy can focus on retaining content, or it can 
  focus on retaining bits and the ways to display them. Heather noted 
  that these are related but separable concepts, and the costs differ 
  wildly.  Retaining all of the original files also requires retaining 
  the environments (operating system, libraries, code) in which they 
  originally ran.

  Heather Flanagan reported that she is currently seeking input from 
  librarians and archivists on the considerations document.  Once she 
  has received this input, she will update the document and send it to 
  the RSAG for further discussion.

4.4. Subpoenas

  Heather Flanagan reported that the RSAG has been discussing how the 
  RFC Editor will respond to subpoenas once the format change has been 
  completed, and whether giving requesters the XML file would be 
  sufficient, as that is the source code but not the RFC itself.  Tony 
  Hansen noted that the PDF format would allow the embedding of the 
  original source XML, as well as having digital signing capabilities.  
  Heather thanked Tony for that information, and will feed that back 
  into the ongoing discussion in the RSAG.

5. RPC SLA update

  Heather Flanagan reported that the SLA numbers for July showed great 
  improvement (see for details).

  Heather Flanagan has started discussions both with the RSOC and with 
  the RPC about ways to change the SLA metric away from "number of 
  documents published" over to something that accounts for the high 
  degree of variability in document length.  As an alternative, Ray 
  Pelletier suggested lowering the SLA number for January-March, when 
  there is an expected surge in the number of documents submitted.  
  These discussions are ongoing.

6. AOB

  Heather Flanagan reminded the RSOC that Alice Russo will be on 
  maternity leave starting an about a month.  Sandy Ginoza will cover 
  Alice's responsibilities while she is away.