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Meeting Slides RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) (rfcedprog) IAB ASG
Date and time 2022-01-01 14:00
Title 2016-01-13-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

January 13, 2016 RSOC Meeting

Reported by: Cindy Morgan, IETF Secretariat

- Sarah Banks (Chair)
- Nevil Brownlee
- Heather Flanagan (RSE, non-voting)
- Joel Halpern
- Tony Hansen 
- Joe Hildebrand
- Bob Hinden
- Alexey Melnikov
- Cindy Morgan (Scribe, non-voting)
- Ray Pelletier (IAOC Liaison, non-voting)
- Robert Sparks (Lead)


0. Review of minutes

  The minutes of the 9 December 2015 RSOC meeting were approved.

1. Agenda bash

  Items on dates and non-ASCII Latin+ characters were added to the 
  format question discussion.

  Bob Hinden asked if the RSOC would be meeting at IETF 95 in Buenos 
  Aires. After discussion, the RSOC agreed to meet in Buenos Aires.

2. Highlights from 2015

  Heather Flanagan reviewed some of the RSOC's highlights from 2015:

  - The RFC Format project hit a milestone for having all the documents 
    ready for Last Call and the SoWs prepared.
  - A mew SoW was designed for the RPC, and the RPC vendor selection 
    committee successfully concluded.
  - Google Scholar indexing of RFCs was completed.
  - DOI assignments on RFCS were completed.
  - The RFC Editor website migration was completed.
  - The first RFC Editor project (RSS feed for digital preservation) 
    taken through the code sprint.
  - Various enhancements were made to things like the cluster page, 
    errata process and forms, search tools and changes as required by 
    the new ART area.

3. Format questions 

  The RSOC discussed open questions on the format drafts.

  - Who decides about things like allowable non-ASCII characters, 
    browser versions used for testing, etc?

  The RSOC concluded that in order to keep the series as a whole 
  consistent, the RSE should be responsible.

   - Is an ASCII version required for names that use non-ASCII and 
     Latin+ characters?

  Heather Flanagan said that for names that include characters outside 
  of the Unicode Latin and Latin Extended script, an author-provided, 
  ASCII-only identifier is required to assist in search and indexing of 
  the document.

   - Should the RFC 3339 format be used for dates in RFCs?

  Heather Flanagan said that she is not inclined to make changes to the 
  date format in RFCs, although she does understand the desire to use 
  RFC 3339. However, the current date format is not ambiguous, and 
  changing it would not add significant value to the format. Joe 
  Hildebrand took an action to reply to the current thread on the design 
  team list. Heather Flanagan will ask the RSAG if there are similar 
  issues that should be considered.

4. Project Updates

4.1. RFC Format project (Document status)

  Heather Flanagan reported that the IAB has been reviewing the format 
  documents, and comments are still coming in. She has asked the IAB to 
  put this back on their agenda in two weeks to evaluate if these are 
  ready for community review.

4.2. Stats & Metrics (SOW update)

  The RFP for the stats and metrics project went out on 29 December 
  2015; formal responses are due by 18 January 2016. 

4.3. Infrastructure planning

  Heather Flanagan reported that she has set up a call for next week 
  with Robert Sparks, Joe Hildebrand, Alice Russo, and Sandy Ginoza to 
  start working on the infrastructure planning. Heather will set up a 
  wiki page to capture the details.

5. RSOC Chair and IAB call attendance

  After a brief discussion the RSOC agreed to remove the RSOC chair from 
  the list of required attendees for IAB meetings.

6. AOB

  Sarah Banks reminded the RSOC that future teleconferences will include 
  an executive session to discuss the RSE contract.

  Heather Flanagan noted that she will attend APAN in Manila 25 - 29 
  January 2016.