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Title 2021-05-17-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

May 17, 2021 RSOC Meeting

Reported by: Liz Flynn, IETF Secretariat

- Sarah Banks
- Jay Daley (IETF LLC Board Liaison, non-voting)
- Liz Flynn (Scribe, non-voting)
- Tony Hansen
- Cullen Jennings (IAB Lead)
- John Levine, (Temporary RFC Series Project Manager, non-voting)
- Adam Roach
- David Schinazi
- Peter Saint-Andre (RSOC Chair)



 - 2021-03-15: John Levine and Jay Daley to draft a statement of work
   for the RPC contract. (NOTE: May be overtaken by action item below.)

 - 2021-04-19: Jay Daley and Peter Saint-Andre to draft a proposal
   on extending the current RPC contract and send it to the IAB and LLC
   for review before potentially sending it out to the community for
   * Deadline: 2021-05

  In Progress:

 - 2020-09-21: Jay Daley, John Levine, Henrik Levkowetz, Peter Saint-
   Andre, and Robert Sparks to work with Sandy Ginoza to propose a
   minimum profile of v3 XML tags that the RPC would add before
   publication of an RFC if they were not included by the authors.
   * Deadline: 2021-06 (Deadline has been changed from 2021-05)

 - 2021-01-26: John Levine to start a discussion with the community
   about whether the XML of an RFC can be changed as long as the text
   remains immutable. (NOTE: Depends on action item for "RFC XML and
   Style Guide change management team," above."
   * Deadline: 2021-06

 - 2021-03-15: John Levine and Peter Saint-Andre to discuss the
   prioritization and time commitment needed to put together an end-to-
   end analysis to ensure that v3 XML can be used effectively and
   seamlessly at all stages of the authoring process (Recommendation
   8), and report back to the RSOC.
   * Deadline 2021-05

 - 2021-04-19: Peter Saint-Andre to start a thread on the RSOC list
   about updating the list of "Current Activities" on the RSOC web
   * Deadline: 2021-05


- 2021-05-17 : Peter Saint-Andre, Jay Daley, and John Levine to chat
  with the RPC and recent authors about their perspectives on the
  GitHub experiment, and report back to RSOC.
  * Deadline: 2021-06


1. Administrivia

The minutes of the 2021-04-19 ROSC meeting were approved.

2. RFC XML and Style Guide change management team

Peter Saint-Andre reported that the RFC XML and Style Guide change management
team is meeting regularly and continues to work though the backlog, although
due to some May holidays the work will likely not be finished until mid-June.
The deadline for this action item has been pushed to June. After the backlog is
complete they will look at starting to update RFC 7991bis. Because the change
management team was not intended to be a permanent group, after 7991bis has
been updated, the RSOC can look for a different way to manage things going

3. v3 Issues and Tools

John Levine reported that he has started work on these updates and will push
this work ahead during the month.

4. Recommendations Following From the I-D Authors Survey

Peter Saint-Andre suggested that RSOC obtain some more information about how
people use certain tools and find out more detail.

Jay Daley reported that he is developing a spreadsheet and/or wiki that authors
will be able to update with information about tools they use, such as how it is
licensed, who maintains it, etc.

Cullen Jennings noted that a lot of the problems people have are not because
they don't have enough information, but because there is a lot of old and
outdated information that's confusing.

Jay Daley agreed and reported that part of his plan is to sort through old and
archived information in various places and condense all of it into correct and
up-to-date information that can all live in one place.

Sarah Banks replied that this would be a good opportunity to work with the
education team or another group who can help develop a resource to walk someone
who's new to the IETF through the process of authoring a draft. It's currently
very confusing and information is hard to find.

Cullen Jennings also noted that his recent experience with the GitHub
experiment was very successful. Others who worked on the recent QUIC documents
will also have good perspective to share.

* Action item: Peter Saint-Andre, Jay Daley, and John Levine to chat with the
RPC and recent authors about their perspectives on the GitHub experiment, and
report back to RSOC.
        - Deadline: 2021-06.

5. Current Activities on RSOC Web Page

Peter Saint-Andre reported that he and Cindy Morgan will work together to
update the page by the end of this week, pending any further comments by RSOC

6. AOB

Jay Daley gave a brief overview of three tools related RFPs that are currently
live. One is to move all Trac wikis to a new instance of wiki.js, another is
for a redevelopment of the bibXML generators, and a third is to migrate many
Trac and Subversion instances for tools development (Datatracker, xml2rfc,
Mailarchive, etc) to GitHub.

7. Next RSOC Meeting

 The next RSOC meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 21 at 4:00 PM PDT.