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Hot RFC Lightning Talks (hotrfc)

Team Name Hot RFC Lightning Talks
Acronym hotrfc
Area General Area (gen)
State Active
Additional resources Issue tracker, Wiki
Personnel Leads Aaron Falk, Spencer Dawkins
Chairs Aaron Falk, Spencer Dawkins
Delegate Liz Flynn
Mailing list Address

Group description

Do you have an idea, problem space, or proposal that IETFers should hear about? Do you want to propose IETF work, but aren’t sure if your idea is ready or who will be interested? Consider giving a Request for Conversation (HotRFC) lightning talk.

A final agenda and presentations will be available on the IETF meeting materials website.

Goals for this event

  • Provide a IETF-wide get together
  • Encourage brainstorming conversations
  • Provide Hackathon projects greater visibility
  • Advertise cross-area, new-work ideas and attract co-collaborators
  • Bring new ideas/work from elsewhere but shortened to inspire
  • Promote BarBofs and side meetings

Talk format and submissions

  • Four (4) minute maximum length, strictly enforced, no questions
  • All proposals that are in-scope for the session will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, up to time limits
  • To request a slot, email short abstract to
  • Before presentation, slides need to be submitted to
  • Speakers must be present, no remote presentations.
  • Slides and abstract should include comments on how to continue the conversation such as in a working group (WG) meeting, Birds-of-a-Feather session or barBoF, mail list, 'catch me after the meeting', etc.

Questions you might answer in your talk

  • Do you want to meet as a group this week on this topic?
  • Is your topic being addressed in the IETF this week? Where & when?
  • Is your goal to have a BoF or WG on this topic?
  • Where can I read more?
  • How can I reach you?

Comments on acceptable topics

  • Topics without a direct relationship to the IETF may be rejected as out of scope.
  • Work rejected by a working group can be included if there is a story about why it may be relevant elsewhere in the IETF.
  • Work already taken up within a WG is in scope if there is a reason to bring in others from beyond the wg/area.
  • Humorous talks are OK.
  • New work is OK.
  • Hackathon projects / insights are OK.