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Light-Weight Implementation Guidance (lwig)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
Active Internet-Drafts (3 hits)
27 pages
Terminology for Constrained-Node Networks
2022-06-29 I-D Exists
WG Document

150 pages
Alternative Elliptic Curve Representations
Waiting for Writeup 415
Submitted to IESG for Publication : Informational
Reviews: secdir genart LC secdir LC secdir Early iotdir Early
Action Holder: Erik Kline 414
Erik Kline
Mohit Sethi
15 pages
Minimal IP Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)
RFC Ed Queue : EDIT
Submitted to IESG for Publication : Informational
Reviews: tsvart LC secdir LC genart LC secdir LC iotdir LC opsdir LC
Nov 2018
Erik Kline
Mohit Sethi
Expired Internet-Drafts (6 hits)
6 pages
Virtual reassembly buffers in 6LoWPAN
2020-03-09 Expired
WG Document

31 pages
CoAP Implementation Guidance
2018-07-02 Expired
WG Document

34 pages
Guidance for Light-Weight Implementations of the Internet Protocol Suite
2013-02-25 Expired
WG Document

20 pages
Neighbor Management Policy for 6LoWPAN
2019-02-21 Expired
WG Document

39 pages
Comparison of CoAP Security Protocols
2020-11-02 Expired
WG Document
Dec 2022

15 pages
A Hitchhiker's Guide to the (Datagram) Transport Layer Security Protocol for Smart Objects and Constrained Node Networks
2014-03-07 Expired
WG Document

RFCs (6 hits)
17 pages
RFC 7228 (was draft-ietf-lwig-terminology)
Terminology for Constrained-Node Networks
2014-05 Informational RFC Brian Haberman
Zhen Cao
41 pages
RFC 7815 (was draft-ietf-lwig-ikev2-minimal)
Minimal Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKEv2) Initiator Implementation
2016-03 Informational RFC Brian Haberman
Robert Cragie
24 pages
RFC 8352 (was draft-ietf-lwig-energy-efficient)
Energy-Efficient Features of Internet of Things Protocols
2018-04 Informational RFC Suresh Krishnan
Mohit Sethi
33 pages
RFC 8387 (was draft-ietf-lwig-crypto-sensors)
Practical Considerations and Implementation Experiences in Securing Smart Object Networks
2018-05 Informational RFC Suresh Krishnan
Zhen Cao
24 pages
RFC 9006 (was draft-ietf-lwig-tcp-constrained-node-networks)
TCP Usage Guidance in the Internet of Things (IoT)
2021-03 Informational RFC Erik Kline
Zhen Cao
14 pages
RFC 9178 (was draft-ietf-lwig-cellular)
Building Power-Efficient Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) Devices for Cellular Networks
2022-05 Informational RFC Suresh Krishnan
Zhen Cao
Related Internet-Draft (1 hit)
8 pages
Security Classes for IoT devices
2022-06-18 I-D Exists