Technology Deep Dive (tdd)

Ad Hoc Name Technology Deep Dive
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Personnel Chairs Jamal Hadi Salim
Mirja Kühlewind
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The Technical Deep Dives is a presentation series organized by the IESG. We are experimenting with the format, and will decide in the future if it should become a more formal part of the meetings.

The goal is to provide insight into technologies which span multiple areas and to provide a focused exploration of a technology. It primarily designed to share information rather than to share problems.



Tuesday, July 23, 2019 8:20-9:45 - Tuesday Open Session Time Room: Square Dorchester

Chairs: Jamal Hadi Salim, Spencer Dawkins

Title: How NICs Work Today

Speakers: Tom Herbert, Simon Horman, Andy Gospodarek


This session will start with description of how a basic Network Interface Card(NIC) operates and lead into NIC feature evolution. The discussion will delve into several NIC features starting from fundamental packet IO, leading to incremental offload of packet processing from server processors to modern NIC hardware.

The software models described for controlling these NICs center around Linux kernel APIs that were created to take advantage of hardware capabilities. When sensible, the relationship of a feature that a NIC handles will be related to specific IETF activity (eg transport, security, nvo3, etc).