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Revise Universally Unique Identifier Definitions (uuidrev)

WG Name Revise Universally Unique Identifier Definitions
Acronym uuidrev
Area Applications and Real-Time Area (art)
State Active
Charter charter-ietf-uuidrev-01 Approved
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Additional resources GitHub Repository
Personnel Chairs Jim Fenton, Michael Richardson
Area Director Murray Kucherawy
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Charter for Working Group

Since the publication of RFC 4122 in 2005, a number of additional versions
of universally unique IDs (UUIDs) have been proposed. A number of errata
have also been verified against the original specification, motivating
a full revision of the UUID specification with the additional versions added.

This working group will produce a standard-track RFC4122bis specification
based on limited review of RFC4122 that will include resolution of verified or
held errata and incorporation of the following additional UUID versions,
using draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format as a guide:

- Field-compatible version of UUIDv1 optimized for improved database locality
- Time-ordered UUID based on Unix epoch timestamp
- UUID version for vendor-specific use cases

Other aspects of UUIDs, such as alternative representations and UUIDs that
are other than 128 bits in length, will also be considered and the working group
may produce specifications on those topics. They will not be considered, however,
prior to completion of RFC4122bis, and such milestones will be negotiated with
the responsible AD prior to work commencing.


Date Milestone Associated documents
Mar 2023 Submit RFC4122bis to the IESG for publication as Proposed Standard