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Orie Steele

Orie graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in CyberSecurity and Master of Science in Computer Science in 2012. While at Stevens he focused on emerging cyber security threats from social networks, and worked for software companies delivering products in education tech, private equity and the energy industry. After graduation, he co-founded a company focused on distributed manufacturing and 3d printing, and experienced the highs and lows of early stage companies. After a brief period working in healthcare software, he co-founding Transmute, a company focused on applying digital identity and credentialing technology to supply chain security, where he currently serves as CTO. He has been an author and editor of work items at W3C. His work on cyber physical supply chain security has been supported by mentors and authors of IETF RFCs, particularly in security area working groups such as JOSE, COSE, OAUTH, and SCITT. He served as co-chair of UTA and KEYTRANS. He is passionate about far too much active work within the IETF, the general trend being data formats, security formats, media types and http. His favorite language is javascript, and he prefers to be coding with music on, to most other activities.


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Chair Using TLS in Applications (uta)
Chair Key Transparency (keytrans)
Incoming Area Director Applications and Real-Time Area (art)

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