Liaison statement
Consideration of HOMENET Working Group

Submission date 2011-07-01
From Internet Area (Ralph Droms)
To ITU-T SG 15 (Greg Jones)
Cc Adrian Farrel, Ralph Droms, Jari Arkko, The IETF Chair,, Greg Jones, Eliot Lear,,,
Response contact Eliot Lear
Technical contact Ralph Droms
Purpose For information
Liaisons referring to this LS325 - Response to the announcement of new IETF Homenet WG
Attachments HOMENET Announcement
The IETF is considering a new Working Group called "Home Networking"
(homenet), which will be taking on work that may be of interest to
Q1/SG15. This work will focus on the evolving architecture of small
"residential home" networks and the deployment of IPv6 in
small networks that include multiple routers and subnets.

Please see the attached announcement which includes a draft charter
for the new Working Group. The Working Group discussion list is Anyone may join the discussion list by visiting