Liaison statement
Response to your liaison to the CCAMP working group on L1VPNs

Submission date 2005-08-16
From IETF L1VPN WG (Adrian Farrel)
To ITU-T SG13 (Georges Sebek)
Cc L1VPN Working Group, Tomonori Takeda, Hamid Ould-Brahim, Bill Fenner, Alex Zinin, Scott Bradner, Marco Carugi
Response contact Adrian Farrel
Purpose In response
Attachments (None)
Thank you for your liaison to the IETF CCAMP WG in response to their
liaison on L1VPNs.

This liaison is to inform you that a new working group has been formed
within the IETF's Routing Area to focus on developing protocol
solutions for Layer One VPNs. The charter of this working group can be
seen at We encourage
interested parties to join the working group's mailing list by
following the links on the charter web page.

The L1VPN working group's work is informed by Y.1312 and Y.1313, and we
thank the ITU-T for making these documents available to IETF
participants. As we advance our work and publish Internet-Drafts we
will keep SG13 informed of our progress through the liasion process.

We would also like to thank Marco Carugi for communicating the current
status of L1VPN work within SG13 at our recent meeting at the 63rd IETF
in Paris.

Looking forward to continued cooperation between our organizations.

Best regards,
Adrian Farrel, Tomonori Takeda, Hamid Ould-Brahim
L1VPN Working Group Co-chairs