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Liaison statement
Cryptographic Message Syntax Coordination

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2016-08-28
From Group SEC
From Contact Scott Mansfield
To Group ITU-T
To Contacts
Scott Mansfield <>
The IETF Chair <>
Stephen Farrell <>
Kathleen Moriarty <>
Response Contact Stephen Farrell <>
Kathleen Moriarty <>
Purpose For action
Deadline 2016-11-04 Action Taken
Attachments (None)
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Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) [1] has been the topic of a number of
liaisons back and forth between the IETF and SG-17.  ITU-T SG 17 has expressed
a desire to work more cooperatively with the IETF.  In the spirit of
cooperation, the IETF requests the ITU-T SG 17 consider turning X.894 [2] into
a profile of CMS [1] to better streamline ITU-T and IETF activities.  We
suggest using X.1541 [3] developed in this same spirit of cooperation as a
model. The IETF is concerned with the current version of ITU-T X.894 [2] that
the ITU-T is progressing as a draft recommendation without coordination with
the IETF.

In order to move forward in a coordinated fashion, it is suggested to consider
turning X.894 [2] into a profile of CMS [1].  This would provide an example of
how to use CMS [1] (with all proper references) in the ITU-T environment.

The Security Area directors are happy to discuss and coordinate on the best way
to approach any such proposed work.

[1] RFC 5652 Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)
[2] ITU-T X.894 Generic applications of ASN.1 - Cryptographic Message Syntax
[3] ITU-T X.1541 (09/2012) Incident object description exchange format