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Liaison statement
NVO3 Architecture and Requirements

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2012-12-04
From Group nvo3
From Contact Benson Schliesser
To Group IEEE-802-1
To Contacts Paul Nikolich <>
Tony Jeffree <>
Cc Pat Thaler <>
Dan Romascanu <>
Eric Gray <>
Stewart Bryant <>
Adrian Farrel <>
Benson Schliesser <>
Matthew Bocci <>
Response Contact Benson Schliesser <>
Matthew Bocci <>
Technical Contact Benson Schliesser <>
Matthew Bocci <>
Purpose For information
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As you may be aware, the IETF's NVO3 working group is examining data center
network multi-tenancy that resides at the network layer rather than using
traditional isolation mechanisms that rely on the underlying layer 2
technology (e.g., VLANs).  The working group is chartered to determine
which types of connectivity services are needed by typical data center
deployments (for example, IP and/or Ethernet) and to consider the impacts
of VM mobility. The working group is still at an early stage, currently
focused on defining the architecture and requirements for potential

So far NVO3 has adopted two documents:

- A "Framework for DC Network Virtualization"

- A "Problem Statement: Overlays for Network Virtualization"

The working group is also currently considering the adoption of the
following data plane requirements draft as a working group document and we
will determine consensus after 12th December 2012:

- "NVO3 Data Plane Requirements"

The progress of the working group can be tracked at and we invited all interested parties
to contribute to the work through the mailing list at