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Liaison statement
2017Q2-Liaison on MEF 38-SOAM FM YANG

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2017-03-14
From Group MEF
From Contact Raghu Ranganathan
To Group lime
To Contacts Carlos Pignataro <>
Ron Bonica <>
Cc Ron Bonica <>
Joel Jaeggli <>
Carlos Pignataro <>
Benoit Claise <>
Layer Independent OAM Management in the Multi-Layer Environment Discussion List <>
Raghu Ranganathan <>
Response Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments L00259_001_2017Q2-LiaisononMEF38-SOAMFMYANG_Ranganathan
Liaisons referring to this one IEEE 802.1 CFM YANG module
MEF Forum is considering a revision (MEF 38.1) to published specification - MEF
38 Service OAM Fault Management YANG Module (see Initial effort has
been on identifying errata (see attached) such as missing content and
compilation errors. However, additional effort is planned between now and April
2017 to complete project proposal to revise MEF 38. MEF is expected to review
and approve the project proposal at the April 2017 Quarterly Meeting.

Given that IEEE 802.1 and ITU-T SG15 co-developed SOAM FM tools and have
ongoing work to develop various related information/data models, MEF Forum
would appreciate input from IEEE 802.1 and ITU-T SG15 towards scope for project
to revise MEF 38 as well as collaborating on developing the updated Fault
Management YANG Module.

In addition, for information, MEF is also investigating required changes to
published specification - MEF 39 Service OAM Performance Monitoring YANG Module.

MEF Forum will provide an update once the proposed work have been approved as
new MEF Projects. Additionally, to facilitate collaboration, MEF now plans to
have draft modules available in Github.

MEF meets next on April 24-27 in Frankfurt Germany.