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Liaison statement
IEEE 802.1 CFM YANG module

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2017-03-25
From Group IEEE-802-1
From Contact Glenn Parsons
To Group lime
To Contacts Carlos Pignataro <>
Ron Bonica <>
Cc Ron Bonica <>
Joel Jaeggli <>
Carlos Pignataro <>
Layer Independent OAM Management in the Multi-Layer Environment Discussion List <>
Benoit Claise <>
Eric Gray <>
Response Contact Paul Nikolich <>
Glen Parsons <>
John Messenger <>
Purpose In response
Attachments liaison-response-MEF-L00259-0317-v01
Liaisons referred by this one 2017Q2-Liaison on MEF 38-SOAM FM YANG
Thank you for your liaison “Revision to MEF 38 - SOAM FM YANG Module”.

In continuation of our work on a YANG Data Model (YANG DM) for IEEE Std 802.1Q
as part of our ongoing 802.1Qcp project, we approved the development of a
Project Authorization Request for a new IEEE 802.1 project for a YANG DM for
IEEE Std 802.1Q-specified Connectivity Fault Management (CFM).

We plan to base the development of this CFM YANG DM on the extensive array of
CFM managed objects initially standardized in Clause 12 of IEEE Std
802.1ag-2007 (since incorporated into IEEE Std 802.1Q). From this array, an UML
Information Model can be derived as needed to guide YANG DM development. We are
interested in a YANG DM that supports intelligent functionality such as the
ability to separate configuration from operational state.

As initial developers of IEEE Std 802.1ag-2007, we envision a collaboration
that follows in the steps of our joint work with ITU-T SG15 on ITU-T Y.1731
Fault Management (FM) tools, and that allows MEF to leverage (e.g., via
augmentation) our CFM YANG DM to address MEF Services-specific needs. This
would follow the same leveraging in MEF 30.1 and 35.1 of CFM/Y.1731 FM tools
for MEF Service OAM (SOAM) FM, and Y.1731 Performance Monitoring (PM) tools for
MEF SOAM PM, respectively.

In this context and with regards to your request for input, we encourage MEF to
supersede MEF 38 and scope MEF 38.1 to support this collaborative vision. As
part of this development, we welcome MEF and ITU-T SG15 collaboration in the
IEEE 802.1 CFM YANG DM project as a first step. (A second step, outside the
direct scope of IEEE 802.1, could be the development of a YANG DM augmenting
the IEEE 802.1 CFM YANG DM in support of the Y.1731-based PM toolset owned by
ITU-T SG15 for leveraging by a rescoped MEF 39.1 superseding MEF 39.)

To accelerate execution, we intend to continue using GitHub
( in support
of agile and collaborative development of the CFM YANG DM that we will
incorporate in our project. This is consistent with how our use of GitHub for
P802.1Qcp development has allowed participation external to IEEE 802.1.

We look forward to continued industry collaboration as we together progress
towards coherent specification development in this domain.

IEEE 802.1 meets next 15-18 May 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany and 10-13 July 2017
in Berlin, Germany (

Respectfully submitted,

Glenn Parsons
Chair, IEEE 802.1 WG