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Liaison statement
Ethertype for long LLC frames

State Posted
Submitted Date 2017-03-25
From Group IEEE-802-1
From Contact Glenn Parsons
To Group isis
To Contacts Hannes Gredler <>
Christian Hopps <>
Response Contact Paul Nikolich <>
Glen Parsons <>
John Messenger <>
Purpose For information
Attachments liaison-IETF-isis-extentended-llc-0317-v01
Liaisons referring to this one Re: Ethertype for long LLC frames

IEEE 802.1 has recently published IEEE Std 802.1AC-2016. In this standard, an
EtherType for encoding LLC frames longer than 1500 bytes on IEEE Std 802.3
media is defined. Its use appears to be exactly as described in
draft-ietf-isis-ext-eth-01. In developing 802.1AC, we wanted to use the same
EtherType as in draft-ietf-isis-ext-eth-01 (88-70), but we were unable to
determine the current owner of that EtherType, so were unable to obtain
permission to standardize it. Therefore, we used the EtherType C9-D1. Please
note that frames longer than 2000 bytes are non-conformant with IEEE Std 802.3.

Best regards,
Glenn Parsons, Chair IEEE 802.1 Working Group