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Liaison statement
IETF YANG Models of Interest to Broadband Forum

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2017-07-13
From Contact Dave Sinicrope
To Groups ccamp, netmod
To Contacts Jürgen Schönwälder <>
Tom Nadeau <>
Daniele Ceccarelli <>
Fatai Zhang <>
Cc Alvaro Retana <>
Deborah Brungard <>
David Sinicrope <>
Fatai Zhang <>
Kent Watsen <>
Warren Kumari <>
Benoit Claise <>
Alia Atlas <>
Daniele Ceccarelli <>
Lou Berger <>
Common Control and Measurement Plane Discussion List <>
Network Modeling Discussion List <>
Liaisons at BBF <>
Response Contact Michael Fargano <>
Technical Contact William Lupton <>
Action Holder Contacts David Sinicrope <>
Purpose For information
Other Identifiers LIAISE-30
Attachments IETF YANG Models of Interest to Broadband Forum - BBF LIASE-30
CCAMP Co-Chairs:
Daniele Ceccarelli <>; Fatai
Zhang <> NETMOD Co-Chairs: Lou Berger <>;
Kent Watsen <> Routing Area Director: Deborah Brungard
<> Ops Area Director: Benoit Claise <>

Michael Fargano, Broadband Forum Technical Committee Chair

Liaison Communicated By: David Sinicrope <>

Subject: IETF YANG Models of Interest to Broadband Forum

Date: 13 July 2017

Communicated By: David Sinicrope <>

Dear All,
The Broadband Forum is progressing work defining the Common YANG modules for
Broadband Forum specified access network equipment (i.e. Access Nodes and FTTdp
DPUs). As part of this work, we intend to define a framework for alarm and
event management and aim to reuse existing work done by other SDOs where

To that extent we have a specific interest in draft-vallin-netmod-alarm-module
and have been discussing its applicability to the Broadband Forum Common YANG
project at our recent Q2 meeting (May 15-18, 2017) . We also understand that
this draft has recently been moved to the CCAMP WG. We would like to express
our interest in progressing this draft. Similarly, we would like to state our
specific interest in the YANG Data Model specified in draft-ietf-netmod-entity;
this has been used in our Common YANG specification. While this liaison
expresses BBF interest in these drafts, our members plan to participate in the
work to progress the drafts within the IETF, according to the IETF process. We
would appreciate it if you could keep us informed of your further plans.

Michael Fargano
Broadband Forum Technical Committee Chair

David Sinicrope, BBF / IETF Liaison Officer/Manager,
<> Robin Mersh, Broadband Forum CEO
<> Gabrielle Bingham, Broadband Forum Secretariat
<> Statements at IETF <>

Next Meetings of the Broadband Forum

Reference: LIAISE-30

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