Liaison statement
Update on LEMONADE activity

State Posted
Submitted Date 2007-03-29
From Group lemonade
From Contact Glenn Parsons
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Purpose For action
Deadline 2007-05-15 Action Taken
Attachments text of liaison
The IETF LEMONADE working group (WG) would like to update you on our
progress.  Of note is that we have several RFCs that have already been
approved and published:

RFC 4467 – IMAP URL Authorization (URLAUTH)
RFC 4550 – LEMONADE Profile
RFC 4551 – IMAP Conditional STORE (CONDSTORE)

Furthermore, the following documents have been essentially completed
and are in the process of formal approval and publication:

draft-vaudreuil-futuredelivery  (SMTP Future Delivery)
draft-ietf-lemonade-search-within (IMAP SEARCH WITHIN)
draft-ietf-lemonade-deployments (for LEMONADE-compliant Mobile Email)
draft-ietf-lemonade-compress (IMAP COMPRESS)
draft-ietf-lemonade-reconnect-client (IMAP Quick Mailbox Resync)

In addition, we are nearing completion on the rest of the documents in
discussion in the WG.  This includes IMAP CONVERT, IMAP notifications,
and LEMONADE Profile-bis. We intend to conclude this work by June 2007.

In the LEMONADE Notifications document (draft-ietf-lemonade-
notifications) we have based ‘out of band’ notification on OMA E-Mail
Notification (EMN).  However, in the development of the functionality
we have the need to identify items (such as message subject, date,
sender, etc.) that are not part of the EMN mechanism.  As a result, we
have described these items as a different extended notification payload
in addition to the base EMN payload.  We understand that OMA MEM has
been working with OMA BAC PUSH to validate our current approach and to
extend EMN with these capabilities.   We would appreciate a status on
this activity.

For the IMAP CONVERT protocol, the LEMONADE WG had agreed that the only
‘Mandatory to Implement’ conversion that will appear in the CONVERT
protocol is HTML to TEXT.  However, as we indicated previously the
protocol itself can support any subset or even the entire OMA STI
parameter suite, although we do not believe that support of the full
list of OMA STI parameters is appropriate.  The LEMONADE profile will
not specify this list.  We understand that OMA MEM would further subset
the full list of STI parameters to make it realistic for the OMA mobile
enabler.   We would appreciate a status on this activity.

As we had previously indicated, LEMONADE has conducted a preliminary
interoperability event.   Note that from an IETF perspective, our
interest is only to facilitate protocol maturity.  Specifically, that
is to prove the feasibility of the protocol (which we have done with
our preliminary event) and to document multiple interworking
implementations to prove maturity (which we will do later this year).
At our preliminary event nine entities participated with four test
LEMONADE servers and numerous clients.  The group tested these
implementations against the LEMONADE Profile (RFC 4550) and identified
some clarifications that were needed to make the specifications clear.
The specific issues identified at the interop event have been used to
update our documents.  We expect that we will have another event later
this year based on the published Profile-bis.  We understand, from your
earlier Liaison Statement, that this latter event would be of interest

Finally, as you know, the work of the LEMONADE WG is focused on a set
of extensions to IMAP and ESMTP to support mobile email.  This set will
be succinctly summarized in the LEMONADE profile (draft-ietf-lemonade-
profile-bis).  We understand that the OMA TS will normatively reference
the LEMONADE profile for the MEM protocol.  In order to help us
understand your usage better, we would appreciate a presentation on the
OMA MEM TS for LEMONADE.  Would it be possible to have such a
presentation at our next meeting?

Up-to-date information on LEMONADE Internet-Drafts and RFCs can always
be found at
with additional information on our charter page

Finally, as information, the next meetings of the IETF LEMONADE WG are:
-	Week of May 15 – LEMONADE interim – TBD
-	July 22-27 – IETF 69 plenary – Chicago