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Liaison statement
IETF Liaison Statement from MMUSIC wg to DVB IPI: on-going work on RTSP 2.0 and request for information on RTSP extensions

State Posted
Submitted Date 2008-01-07
From Group mmusic
From Contact Jean-Francois Mule
To Contacts Muriel Deschanel <>
Cc Jeff Goldberg <>
Cullen Jennings (IETF RAI Area Director) <>
Jon Peterson (IETF RAI Area Director) <>
MMUSIC mailing list <>
Response Contact Jean-Francois Mule <>
Technical Contact Jean-Francois Mule <>
Purpose For action
Deadline 2008-04-07 Action Taken
Attachments (None)
We would like to inform you of the on-going work on version 2.0
   of the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) in the IETF MMUSIC
   working group.  RTSP 2.0 is intended to obsolete and replace
   RTSP 1.0.  We plan to freeze any protocol feature changes by
   August 1st 2008 to complete RTSP 2.0 by the end of 2008.
   The latest Internet-Draft can be found at:

   The recently-published RFC 4775 [1] on "Procedures for Protocol
   Extensions and Variations" defines guideline procedures for
   cooperation between the IETF and outside entities on the
   extension of IETF protocols.  It attempts to ensure that
   extensions will conform to the applicable architectural
   principles and technical criteria.  Any development of protocol
   extensions and mechanisms related to RTSP would need to occur
   under the guidelines of RFC 4775.

   We would like to request that any RTSP extensions that may be in
   the scope of RTSP 2.0 or require IETF review (per RFC 4775) be
   discussed in IETF MMUSIC working group to seek wider community
   reviews and expert comments.  We would therefore appreciate if
   you let us know if any group within your organization is working
   on technical specifications that make use of RTSP and if any
   protocol extensions are being considered.  In the case
   extensions are being worked on, we would appreciate if you could
   provide any details (requirements, mechanisms, draft solution,


     Joerg Ott (MMUSIC co-chair)
     Jean-Francois Mule (MMUSIC co-chair)

 [1]  Bradner S., Carpenter B., Narten T., "Procedures for Protocol
      Extensions and Variations", RFC 4775, December 2006.