Liaison statement
Liaison: Update on Q.Flowstatesig

Submission date 2010-03-19
From IAB/IESG (Monique Morrow)
To ITU-T SG11 (
Cc Arshey Odera, Wei Feng, Kaoru Kenyoshi, Tina Zou
Response contact,
Technical contact,
Purpose In response
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Thank you for your liaison regarding work on Q.flowstatesig, posted
  February, 2010. 
 We appreciate the update on your work on the Draft Q.Flowstatesig
 and your desire to continue close collaboration and engagement through the
RFC 4775
 process. We share the desire for continued productive interaction, guided by
the process
 described in RFC 4775, and look forward to reviewing Internet Drafts
submitted to the IETF
 in this regards,
 Monique J. Morrow,
 ITU-T NGN Liaison