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radextra: RADIUS Extensions Reanimated

Scheduled Sessions

Agenda, Minutes, and Bluesheets

Agenda IETF115: radextra (agenda-115-radextra)
Minutes IETF115: radextra: Mon 13:00 (minutes-115-radextra-202211071300)
Bluesheets IETF115: radextra : Mon 13:00 (bluesheets-115-radextra-202211071300)

Chatlog and polls

Chat Log IETF115: radextra: Mon 13:00 (chatlog-115-radextra-202211071300)
Polls IETF115: radextra: Mon 13:00 (polls-115-radextra-202211071300)


Chair Slides (slides-115-radextra-chair-slides)
Operational and Implementation Experience (slides-115-radextra-operational-and-implementation-experience)
Background and Things to do (slides-115-radextra-background-and-things-to-do)
RFC6614bis - Making RADIUS/TLS a Proposed Standard (slides-115-radextra-rfc6614bis-making-radiustls-a-proposed-standard)
RFC 6421: Roadmap to Secure RADIUS (slides-115-radextra-rfc-6421-roadmap-to-secure-radius)


Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption for RADIUS (draft-rieckers-radext-rfc6614bis) Version 00
Reverse CoA in RADIUS (draft-dekok-radext-reverse-coa) Version 00
Correlating requests and replies in the Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) Protocol via the Request Authenticator. (draft-dekok-radext-request-authenticator) Version 00
Status-Realm and Loop Prevention for the Remote Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) (draft-cullen-radextra-status-realm) Version 00
Deprecating Insecure Practices in RADIUS (draft-dekok-radext-deprecating-radius) Version 00

Notes and recordings

Notepad for note-takers
Video recording for RADEXTRA on 2022-11-07 at 13:00:00
Session recording

Unscheduled Sessions