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quic: QUIC

Scheduled Sessions

Agenda, Minutes, and Bluesheets

Agenda IETF118: quic (agenda-118-quic)
Minutes IETF118: quic (minutes-118-quic)
Bluesheets IETF118: quic : Wed 13:30 (bluesheets-118-quic-202311081330)

Chatlog and polls

Chat Log IETF118: quic: Wed 14:30 ( as json )
Polls IETF118: quic: Wed 14:30 ( as json )


Chair slides (slides-118-quic-chair-slides)
Multipath QUIC (slides-118-quic-multipath-quic)
Reliable Resets (slides-118-quic-reliable-resets)
qlog (slides-118-quic-qlog)
NAT traversal (slides-118-quic-nat-traversal)
Address Discovery (slides-118-quic-address-discovery)
ACK Timestamps (slides-118-quic-ack-timestamps)
BDP frame (slides-118-quic-bdp-frame)
FEC - Francois Michel (slides-118-quic-fec-francois-michel)
FEC - HUAWEI (slides-118-quic-fec-huawei)


qlog: Structured Logging for Network Protocols (draft-ietf-quic-qlog-main-schema) Version 00
QUIC event definitions for qlog (draft-ietf-quic-qlog-quic-events) Version 00
HTTP/3 qlog event definitions (draft-ietf-quic-qlog-h3-events) Version 00
Multipath Extension for QUIC (draft-ietf-quic-multipath) Version 00
QUIC Stream Resets with Partial Delivery (draft-ietf-quic-reliable-stream-reset) Version 00

Notes and recordings

Notepad for note-takers
Video recording for quic on 2023-11-08 at 13:30:00
Session recording

Unscheduled Sessions